Palestinian government condemns Israeli decision to demolish al khan al-Ahmar

RAMALLAH, The Palestinian government Wednesday deplored the decision of the Israeli Supreme Court, backed by the Israeli right-wing government to give the occupation forces the authority to commit an International crime by forcibly displacing and transferring 180 Palestinian citizens of Al-Khan Al-Ahmar village, east of occupied Jerusalem.

“This illegal decision that uncovers the colonial DNA of Israel’s institutions that work to provide legislative and judicial support to its executive authorities to confiscate Palestinian lands, eliminate all components of Palestinian life from houses, schools, and health centers in Khan Al-Ahmar and prepare it to serve the so-called E1 colonial project, which aims to create an arc of settlements around East Jerusalem effectively alienating it from the West Bank and killing any hopes for a future contiguous Palestinian State,” Government stated in a statement.

“The International community must come out of its ineffective condemnations shell and intervene immediately to defend its human and legal system, which Israel is explicitly penetrating into. Israel has exceeded the parameters of impunity and its unilateral acts of provocation should no longer be tolerated by the free world. The occupying state must be placed under the microscope of accountability and forced to stop its crimes against humanity, concluded the statement.

Source: Palestinian News and Info Agency