RAMALLAH, Palestine, Nov 9- Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, stated that the Palestinian leadership will seek a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution, to define the 1967 occupied territories; the entire West Bank, including East Jerusalem, as a Palestinian state territories, as well as to seek an end to the Israeli occupation.

During an emergency meeting, at the Presidential headquarters in Ramallah, Abbas noted that this meeting was held to tackle the important issues related to the Palestinian question, namely the ongoing Israeli aggression and storming of East Jerusalem and holy sites and unabated settlement construction.

“We seek a UNSC statement, affirming the status quo of Jerusalem, applied since 1967, stating that, this is a land of Islamic holy sites that should not be attacked, however, Israel keeps violating all international resolutions and, therefore, we request that the UNSC condemns what is taking place and affirm the status quo of Jerusalem,” stated Abbas.

“The Palestinian leadership would submit a proposal during this month. If nine states vote in favour, the proposal will be presented to the UNSC, which would either accept or reject it. Following this, we would take several more steps, step by step,” added Abbas.


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