Palestinian officials say Paraguay acted according to international law

RAMALLAH, Palestinian officials praised on Thursday Paraguay’s decision to take its embassy in Israel back to Tel Aviv, only four months after moving it to the occupied city, saying the Central South American country has acted according to international law.

We commend Paraguay’s decision to act in accordance with its obligations under international law by closing its embassy in Jerusalem and relocating it to Tel Aviv, said Saeb Erekat, secretary general of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). President Abdo’s courageous decision shows that the government of Asuncion has chosen to go back to the traditional Latin American position of respect for international law and UN resolutions.

Erekat called on the Arab and Islamic countries to look together into ways to encourage cooperation and bilateral relations with Paraguay.

He called on Guatemala, the only other Latin American country that has moved its embassy to Jerusalem following the US suit, to stand on the right side of history and move its embassy outside Jerusalem.

The United States moved its embassy to Jerusalem on May 14, five months after recognizing Jerusalem as capital of Israel. It was immediately followed by Guatemala and then Paraguay.

Erekat also called on the US administration to realize that no peace-loving country will follow their decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Only respecting international law and UN resolutions will help to achieve a just and lasting peace.

PLO Executive Committee member Hanan Ashrawi also welcomed in a statement Paraguay’s decision to move its embassy back to Tel Aviv.

“On behalf of the PLO Executive Committee, we wish to express our gratitude to Paraguay for moving its embassy back from occupied Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, she said.

Such a courageous move is consistent with international law and UN resolutions and constitutes a positive contribution towards achieving a just peace. It sends a strong message that responsible governments will not surrender to political blackmail or threats that try to coerce them to violate international law and generate further instability and conflict.

Ashrawi stressed that Jerusalem is a linchpin of peace and the capital of the state of Palestine, and Israel’s annexation remains illegal and unacceptable to all those who accept the global rule of law.

She expressed hope that Guatemala and the United States will exhibit the same courage as Paraguay, rescind their decision and join the rest of the world in safeguarding the principles and requirements of peace and stability.”

Source: Palestinian News and Info Agency