Palestinian photojournalist wins first prize in French photo contest

BAYEUX, FRANCE, Thursday, The top photo prize of the 25thedition of the Bayeux-Calvados-Normandy Award for War Correspondents went to Palestinian photojournalist Mahmoud Hams for his picture of a Palestinian protester on a wheelchair in Gaza getting ready to throw a stone using a slingshot at Israeli soldiers on the other side of the border fence with Israel.

The picture, taken on May 11, featured Saber al-Ashqar, 29, with amputated legs, swinging a slingshot with black smoke in the background as part of the weekly March of Return protests waged at the border since March 30. Over 200 Palestinians were killed and thousands injured in the Israeli army crackdown on the protests.

Hams, 38, from Gaza, works for the French news agency, AFP. Fifty war correspondents from all over the world have competed for the awards.

Bayeux is the first French town to be liberated from German occupation on 7 June 1944. It created the award in 1994 as a tribute to war correspondents who risk their lives to expose the horrors of war.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency