Dozens of Palestinian students participated in a sit-in at Tel Aviv University in support of Ahmad Manasra and other minors detained by Israel demanding their release from prison.

Manasra was arrested by the Israeli occupation forces seven years ago when he was only 13 years of age after shooting him and his cousin Hassan, who was killed instantly, following a knife attack in Jerusalem.

Participants in the sit-in condemned the policy of arresting Palestinian children and depriving them of their rights, without any regard for international laws.

The Palestinian student movement at the university said in a statement that Manasra “was interrogated in a belligerent and horrible manner in violation of all international laws. Today, he is suffering from difficult conditions after seven years of psychological and physical torture, solitary confinement, and the loss of his childhood.”

It added: “We are demonstrating in support and solidarity with Ahmad, and all the heroic children of Palestine who are languishing in the occupiers’ prisons, so that our voice against oppression is heard, and to affirm the justice and morality of our national struggle for the liberation of our people from the oppression of occupation and injustice.”

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency (WAFA)

By webdesk