Palestinian with renal failure struggling for survival in Israeli jail

The Center for Defense of Liberties and Civil Rights Hurryyat urged Amnesty International, the World Health Organization, and the International Red Cross to take immediate action in order to pressurize the Israeli occupation authorities to release the sick Palestinian prisoner Mustafa Mootassem Daraghmeh.

Quoting an urgent letter from Mustafa’s father, Hurryyat said the prisoner’s health condition has taken a serious turn for the worse due to the life threatening diseases infecting his body, most notably diabetes and renal failure.

The father said his son has been left without treatment in an Israeli jail, adding that he caught renal failure while being held at the Ramla prison clinic.

Mustafa, a student at al-Quds Open University, was kidnapped by an Israeli military patrol on July 17, 2018 from his family home in Tubas, without regard for his frail health status.

Medical checks showed a critical hyperglycemia of up to 450 mg/dL. But the occupation authorities have paid no heed and dragged him to the Meggido jail, where he had been locked up for a couple of months and denied the right to family visits. His father met him at the court hall.

He was transferred to the Ramla prison clinic after his health deteriorated in Meggido lock-up. Shortly after, one of his kidneys had totally gone out of operation while his second kidney function declined to 20%. He has been going through dialysis several times a week, for periods of up to four hours per every single session. His pancreas has ceased to function.

Source: Palestine Info Center