Palestinians in Venezuela are well, says ambassador

RAMALLAH, Thursday, In light of the turmoil in Venezuela, Palestine’s ambassador to Venezuela, Linda Suboh, said on Thursday that all 8500 Palestinians in that South American country are well.

She told WAFA in a telephone call that the Palestinian embassy is following up on the situation of the Palestinian community and students in Venezuela and is in contact with them through social media and other means to provide them with instructions on how to act in this turmoil and to stay at home and not be out in the streets until the situation calms down.

Suboh stressed that Palestine stands on the side of the legitimate government and President Nicolas Maduro in light of the chaos and riots that engulf the country.

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself on Wednesday president in a coup against Maduro following mass protests and riots. United States President Donald Trump and several other countries, rivals of the Maduro regime, have already recognized Guaido as president.

Meanwhile, member of Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Ahmad Majdalani, described the American interference in Venezuelan internal affairs as an extension of the Trump administration’s policy that stands against the will of the people.

He expressed in a statement solidarity with Venezuela and President Maduro in respect for international legitimacy and the United Nations covenant, wishing Venezuela progress and success in facing the American pressure, saying, we have suffered more than anyone else from Trump policy that has proven to the world that it does not care for human rights or democracy, rather works as policemen of the world that wants to impose its own agenda and steal people’s resources and freedom.

(Updated at 5:15 pm: Dozens of Palestinians demonstrated outside the Venezuelan embassy in Ramallah on Thursday in support of Maduro while denouncing the coup against him and US support for the coup. The protesters submitted a letter to the Venezuelan ambassador expressing support for Venezuela.)

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency