Palestinians protest in Jaffa against Israeli eviction plans

JAFFA– Scores of Palestinians demonstrated today in the Arab city of Jaffa in Israel in protest of Israeli plans aimed at ethnically cleansing nearly 1,400 Palestinian families out of the city.

The protesters waved banners expressing rejection of the Israeli eviction plan under the so-called ‘absentee property law’, under which hundreds of indigenous Palestinian families could be evicted out of their homes in favor of Israeli settler organizations.

Omar Saksak, a Palestinian resident of the city who participated in the protest, told WAFA: “They [Israelis] are betting on our surrender, but we have not and will not surrender, so they will fail in their plans to displace and deport us, while we are holding on to our land and our homes.”

Most of Jaffa’s Palestinian population were forced to flee the city during the 1948 Zionist occupation of historic Palestine, the events that were later known as the Nakba (catastrophe), but a community of approximately 15,000 Palestinians, who now hold Israeli citizenship, are still present in their ancestral land.

Source: Palestine News & Information Agency