Palestinians to hold convention in Santiago next January

Palestinian activists in South America intends to hold a three-day convention next January in the Chilean capital, Santiago, to pool their effort to support the Palestinian cause and to discuss issues related to the Palestinian communities in diaspora.

The conference will be organized by several Palestinian institutions operating in South America, including the Palestinian Federation of Chile, Club Social Palestino Club Deportivo Palestino, the General Union of Palestinian Women and the General Union of Palestinian Students, the Palestine Bethlehem 2000 Foundation and the Arab Club.

Head of the conference’s preparatory committee Anwar Makhlouf said that the convention is aimed at protecting the Palestinian identity among the Palestinian community in South America.

Makhlouf added the meeting also aims to highlight the adherence of Palestinians in South America to their national rights and invest the political and economic powers of the Palestinians there to support the steadfastness of their people in the face of the Israeli occupation.

Source: Donia Al-Watan