PLO accuses Israel’s High Court of endorsing forcible transfer, ethnic cleansing of Palestinians

RAMALLAH, The Palestine Liberation Organization’s (PLO) Settlements and Wall Resistance Commission accused Israel’s High Court on Thursday of endorsing forcible transfer of Palestinians and their ethnic cleansing by ruling that the Israeli army can remove by force the Palestinian residents of Khan al-Ahmar village and to demolish it.

The Court gave the army one week to remove the Palestinian village, which will be a prelude to removing dozens of other similar villages on the outskirts of Jerusalem to make way for building a large new Jewish settlement that will divide the West Bank in half and kill any chance for having a viable Palestinian state.

We consider this politicized court decision as a prelude to implementing a massive forcible transfer of villages and communities in the whole area called (C) and particularly what is known as (E1) plan, starting from Khan al-Ahmar, said the Commission. This court decision is identical to the Israeli occupation government’s decisions and policies.

The commission said the court’s ruling is contrary not only to the ‘applicable laws and regulations’ but also to all international laws that reject the policy of forcible transfer and ethnic cleansing.

The commission called for imposing sanctions on Israel to force it to change this policy and to adhere to international laws and conventions.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency