PLO official calls on international companies to leave illegal Israeli settlements

In a meeting with foreign diplomats, Saeb Erekat, secretary general of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), today called on international companies doing business in the illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories and whose name appeared in the United Nations database, to leave the settlements.

This came during separate meetings Erekat held with diplomatic representatives of France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Turkey.

Erekat, who described the meetings as very good, said that he discussed with the diplomats the various topics, including the UN database of companies doing business in settlements.

Urgent action is required in accordance with responsibilities under international law, he said in a tweet about the meetings.

Erekat handed the British, French and Dutch representatives letters to their foreign ministers, calling on them to act to get companies from their countries operating in the Israeli colonial settlements to leave them.

He also sent letters to foreign ministers of Luxembourg and Thailand in this regard, in addition to letters to six American companies violating international law by operating in Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian state.

He called on these countries and companies to stop these flagrant violations of international law, stressing that the companies that will not end their business in the settlements will be subject to legal accountability in international and national courts.

Erekat also discussed the American so-called deal of the century with the Turkish diplomat, stressing to him that this is not a deal, rather plan to annex the occupied territories in clear violation of international law.

Source: Palestinian News and Info Agency