Premier: Political solution should be based on an independent Palestinian state

Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh said during the African Union Summit held today in Addis Ababa that the Palestinian leadership is committed to achieving a political solution of the Middle East conflict, based on the creation of an independent Palestinian state and the internationally recognized principles.

Our minds and hearts are open for serious and real peace in which Palestine is a partner in negotiations and not subject to dictates, Shtayyeh told the African Union Summit, held under the theme Silencing the Guns: Creating Conducive Conditions For Africa’s Development.

The Prime Minister, who spoke on behalf of President Mahmoud Abbas, reiterated the Palestinian people’s rejection of the recently unveiled US-sponsored peace plan, the deal of the century, which he said does not meet the minimum level of justice and rights for our people, nor does it honor the true meaning of Palestinian sovereignty and freedom over the border crossings.

The American plan gives Jerusalem completely to the Israelis and appropriates 40% of the land of the State of Palestine. The plan provides for illegally maintaining the Jewish settlements with about 720,000 settlers on our lands which Israel seized by force and coercion, Shtayyeh remarked.

He stressed, Palestine is committed to a political solution on the basis of the international references. But this deal wants to legalize the fait accompli and conceal the real name of the current situation, the military occupation, which is contrary to international laws and references.

Shtayyeh said that ending the Israeli occupation of Palestine requires international efforts in which Africa should participate alongside the rest of the international players through an international peace conference on Palestine, based on the UN resolutions and international law.

He expressed willingness to continue cooperation with the African Union countries in all fields, including medicine, agriculture, environment, education and security.

Shtayyeh congratulated his Ethiopian counterpart, Abiy Ahmed, for winning the Nobel Peace Prize, stressing the pivotal role Ethiopia has played in maintaining international peace and security.

Source: Palestinian News and Info Agency