Presidency warns against daily Israeli killings, arrests of and settler crimes against Palestinian civilians

The Palestinian Presidency has warned against the continuation of daily Israeli killings, arrests, and settler crimes targeting Palestinian civilians, the last of which was today’s army killing of Bakeer Hashash, 21, in Nablus, and an Israeli settler running over and killing Mustafa Falaneh, 25, from Safa village, west of Ramallah, as well as another settler running over and injuring a woman near Nablus.

It also condemned in a statement today Israeli settlement projects that violate United Nations resolutions.

The presidency held the Israeli government responsible for this continuous escalation on the ground against the Palestinian people and the freedom fighters in Israeli prisons.

It called on the US administration to implement what it promised and to immediately pressure Israel to stop its ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people.

The presidency renewed its call on the international community to provide protection for the Palestinian people, stressing that President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian leadership want everyone to assume their responsibilities before the situation explodes in an uncontrollable manner, especially since the Central Council of the Palestine Liberation Organization is going to meet soon, which is going to discuss the strong messages from the President and the decisions of the Palestinian leadership regarding the situation in Palestine.

It said that the next stage may be a critical crossroads for everyone.

The presidency called on all forces and activists to continue to confront the settlers’ terrorism and their attacks, which are protected by the occupation army.

Source: Palestinian News & Information Agency