President Abbas receives a delegation of the Ethiopian community in Israel

RAMALLAH, President Mahmoud Abbas received this evening a delegation from the Ethiopian community in Israel, headed by Shlomo Molla, the former Kadima party member of parliament and its deputy speaker, and Avihu Azaria, a prominent spiritual leader in the Ethiopian community.

During a meeting at the presidential headquarters in Ramallah, president Abbas stressed the need to achieve a just and lasting peace based on international legitimacy resolutions to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and build a better future for future generations.

We have always moved towards achieving peace and living in security and stability on this land, but (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu’s statements on the imposition of sovereignty over parts of the Palestinian territories are rejected and unacceptable, and their implementation means undermining all chances for peace, said Abbas.

He said that “Israel must abide by and respect bilateral agreements signed under international auspices and must accept the resolutions of international legitimacy that we have accepted and respected in order to achieve the desired peace between our two peoples.”

For his part, Molla said that the Ethiopian community sees President Abbas as a true partner for peacemaking and ending the conflict that has affected the lives of peoples in the region.

Source: Palestinian News and Info Agency