Prisoner Asem Barghouthi says he was brutally beaten during his arrest

Palestinian prisoner Asem al-Barghouthi, 33, said he was brutally beaten by Israeli special forces after they shot him in one of his legs during his arrest, which led him to lose consciousness, according to his lawyer, who visited him on Thursday for the first time since his arrest.

Lawyer from the Palestinian Prisoner Society Ma’moun al-Hasheem stated that prisoner Barghouthi told him about his exposure to physical abuse and harsh interrogation in al-Maskubiya detention center since his arrest on January 8.

According to the lawyer, Barghouthi was exposed to intensive and harsh interrogation for over 20 hours daily during 14 days, but interrogators started recently to question him for 12 hours without stop every day.

The prisoner has been exposed to violent treatment and deprived of sleep, especially during interrogation sessions.

The lawyer said that the Israeli security authorities extended the detention of Barghouthi for another eight days to examine the possibility of ending investigations.

The Shin Bet, the Israeli internal intelligence, had banned the lawyer from meeting Barghouthi since the first day of his arrest.

The father of Asem al-Barghouthi and two of his brothers, Asef and Mohamed, are also detained in Israeli jails. Recently, the father and Asef were transferred to administrative detention.

The Israeli occupation forces had carried out a widespread arrest campaign in Kobar town, north of Ramallah, after they killed Saleh al-Barghouthi, the brother of Asem, on December 12, 2018.

Source: The Palestinian Information Center