RAMALLAH, March 10– Palestinian prisoners detained in Israeli jails are set to embark on several protest steps on Tuesday against the Israeli administrations’ inhuman treatment and repressive measures against them.

The Palestinian detainees and ex-detainees affairs committee Monday said in statement that prisoners sounded their intentions to embark on a serious of protest measures to protest the Israeli prison administrations’ failure to provide them with the acceptable standard of living conditions during their detention.

The committee said that prisoners will exercise a list of protest steps on Tuesday to get the prison administration to respond to their demands, which included ending solitary confinement and administrative detention without charge or trial, providing them with the necessary medical treatment, and ending the policy of collective punishment against them, including the surprise night raids on their cells.

In light of the prisons’ administrations’ escalated repressive measures against prisoners, the latter announced a series of protest steps which included refusing to go out on their daily break and to stand up for the daily count as well as banging on the doors and a gradual hunger strike up until mid April.

It said that if the prison administration failed to meet their demands, prisoners will embark on an open ended hunger strike in mid April.

The committee held the prisons’ administration fully responsible for the deterioration of conditions, urging the international community to uphold their responsibilities toward prisoners.

More than 6,500 Palestinian political prisoners are currently held in Israeli jails, dozens of whom are currently serving multiple life sentences. About 1,500 prisoners are believed to have health problems due to medical negligence.