Prisoners to protest over Israel’s failure to prevent coronavirus spread

Palestinian prisoners are set Tuesday morning to commence a series of steps to protest Israeli Prison Service’s failure to take the proper measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Israeli jails.

The Prisoners Affairs Committee announced in a press release that Palestinian prisoners will lockdown certain sections and return their meals over the IPS negligence to take measures to fend off the spread of the novel virus in Israeli jails and treat those who might contract the virus.

The prisoners are protesting the IPS cut down on 140 basic food products, such as meat, fruits vegetables, and hygiene necessities, such as sanitizers and soap, which are important to prevent the outbreak of COVID-19, as pointed out in the committee’s statement.

The committee elaborated that IPS informed prisoners in late February that it would take several abusive measures against them, including stopping supplying them with 140 products, including cleaning products which are a grave necessity in light of the novel coronavirus outbreak, particularly inside the overcrowded cells that already lack basic health standards.

Other abusive measures include reducing the number of TV channels prisoners are allowed to watch from ten to seven, reducing the number of bread loaves a prisoner is allowed from five to four, and restricting bed covers to one color.

Around 5,700 Palestinians, including numerous women and children, are currently detained in Israeli prisons.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency

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