Quartet to intervene on Israeli decision to ban Palestinian exports

The head of the International Quartet in Palestine, John Clark, affirmed today that his office is going to intervene regarding the Israeli decision to ban Palestinian exports of agricultural products and to take the necessary steps in cooperation with international partners in relation to the Israeli decision.

This came during his meeting with Minister of Economy Khaled Osaili at the ministry’s headquarters in Ramallah to discuss the implications of the Israeli decision and its turning back truckloads of agricultural products consisting of olive oil, dates and medicinal herbs intended for export to the United States, Sweden, Turkey and others countries.

Osaili briefed Clark on the ramifications of the Israeli decision and the Palestinian government’s response to it by stopping the import of Israeli vegetables, fruits, juices, mineral water and carbonated drinks into the Palestinian markets.

The two sides also discussed the current economic situation in Palestine and the Israeli policies and measures related to import and export, pointing to the importance of international assistance for improving the Palestinian economy.

Source: Palestinian News and Info Agency