Rahi: MPs deprive us of President, pave way for chaos

Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Beshara Rahi, said on Sunday that MPs have been depriving the Lebanese people from their right of having a President, a thing which paves the way to chaos and corruption.

The prelate gave a homily before an audience of believers in his Sunday mass in Saint Maron – Annaya on the occasion of Saint-Charbel celebration day.

He deplored the fact that this day was celebrated amid political and socio-economic crises in Lebanon.

“The MPs, who extended their mandate twice, contrary to the Constitution, revealed their inability or even failure. They blocked the legislative power and deprived the country of a president for two years and two months,” he said.

He also talked about poverty pushing Lebanese people to emigrate, while Syrian and Palestinian refugees invade the country.

The Patriarch expressed his grief towards ongoing wars in Syria, Iraq, and Palestine and due to the expansion of terrorist organizations killing innocent people.

He called upon the international community and the United Nations to do their duty in finding political solutions to the ongoing conflicts in several regional countries and reinforce a just, comprehensive, and permanent peace while ensuring the return of refugees to their country.

The Patriarch condemned the terrorist attack perpetrated recently in Nice, France, presenting his condolences to relatives of the victims.

Source: National News Agency