Rail equipment maker CAF rejects tender for rail project in Jerusalem

JERUSALEM, Spanish rail equipment maker CAF announced on Friday that it had refused to participate in a tender to build a section of the railway in occupied Jerusalem as it violates international law.

The company, which is one of the most important Spanish companies in the field of railways, said it refuses to build a section of the railway in Jerusalem because the Israeli government included in the section a Palestinian land that will be confiscated in violation of the resolutions of international legitimacy.

Representatives of the company’s workers who objected to the company’s participation in the construction of the section explained that the problem lies in the fact that the railway will pass through Palestinian lands to serve illegal settlements in occupied East Jerusalem.

Any project in any city of the world, especially Jerusalem, must respect in its implementation human rights and international legitimacy. The General Assembly of the United Nations and the International Court of Justice, through various resolutions, have said that they are against the occupation of land through which will pass the section of the railway, CAF has said.

Source: Palestinian News and Info Agency