Samir Abu Nimeh, Palestinian political prisoner, marks 33 years in Israeli jails

JERUSALEM, Saturday, Palestinian prisoner Samir Abu Nimeh, 58, started on Saturday his 33rd year in Israeli custody, making him the longest serving prisoner from occupied East Jerusalem.

Abu Nimeh was detained on October 20, 1986, and was sentenced to life in jail for membership in Fatah movement and for his alleged role in an explosion on a bus in Jerusalem in 1983 in which six Israelis were killed and many others wounded, as well as his alleged role in an attack on Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem during which one soldier was killed and 69 others wounded.

He is suffering from chronic pain in his right hand as a result of torture, severe pain in the spine and a slipped disc, a broken nose and ear infection. He also underwent several surgeries in prison.

Abu Nimeh was active in prison for prisoners’ rights prompting the administration to isolate him from the rest of the prisoners and place him in solitary confinement several times. He also was not allowed to be freed in any prisoners swap deals even though all the members in his group at the time were freed.

Source: Palestinian News and Info Agency