Senior Fatah official says continuation of Israeli criminal acts in Palestine is intolerable

A senior Fatah official said today that continuation of the Israeli crimes in the occupied Palestinian territories is unacceptable, warning that the Palestinian leadership cannot anymore tolerate these acts.

Mahmoud Aloul, deputy to the chairman of Fatah movement, President Mahmoud Abbas, told Voice of Palestine radio that the leadership sent stern messages to the world, particularly the United States and the European Union, that perpetuation of the present situation in the occupied Palestinian territories is unacceptable.

“There is a significant increase in the number of martyrs and wounded as a result of the intensification of the Israeli occupier and settler attacks on our people, and on the funerals and mourners, which reflects the extent of their criminal acts, in conjunction with a systematic escalation against occupied Jerusalem and the siege of Silwan and Sheikh Jarrah neighborhoods,” he said.

Aloul said that a number of protest steps are going to be held in the coming days against the siege of Sheikh Jarrah, the attacks against the Jordan Valley and settlement expansion, stressing that these events are going to increase despite the brutal Israeli crackdown against the protesters and the large number of casualties caused.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency

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