Seven injured, four detained at Khan al-Ahmar

JERUSALEM, Monday, Seven people were hurt and four detained, including two Israelis and one international supporter, after Israeli soldiers broke on Monday into Khan al-Ahmar village, east of Jerusalem.

According to Abdullah Abu Rahmeh, an activist on constant vigil at the location, residents and supporters stood in the way of Israeli bulldozers that tried to reach the village apparently to level roads in preparation for the army’s removal of the village’s residents and its eventual demolition, as called for by the Israeli High Court.

He said the bulldozers attempted to first reach the village through a tunnel under the main Jerusalem-Jericho road but when the residents and supporters confronted them, the bulldozers took another way to reach the village through a nearby settlement.

The residents again confronted them and clashed with Israeli soldiers who gave protection for the bulldozers as they leveled land around the homes.

The Ministry of Health said seven people were treated for bruises caused from beating.

The army also detained four people, including two Israeli activists and one Dutch citizen.

Palestinians and supporters are keeping a 24-hour a day vigil at Khan al-Ahmar to prevent any attempt by the Israeli government to demolish the village.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency