Shashat Woman Cinema launches social media campaign to promote gender equality

Focusing on gender equality in the Palestinian society, Shashat Woman Cinema has launched a social media campaign to promote shared responsibilities between men and women at home and child-care through a 3-minute “confrontational” video.

The video, “Farjoo! [Show him!]” confronts the viewers with a family sequence depicting a stereotyped gender-role situation: a husband who is insensitive to his wife who is doing all the housework and child care by herself, without any participation from him in spite of her having to work and take care of her home and children at the same time while passively accepting every request of her husband, without any direct complaint.

“Farjoo! aims at upsetting viewers and instigating home video responses from their own lived experiences of alternatives to the man and woman’s behaviors in the video,” said a Shashat press release. “This is clearly called for in the message at the end of: “Show him! Show her! Show her how you share housework with your wife; show her how your husband shares housework with you.”

The Palestinian woman cinema group called on viewers to share with it their home videos, which will be edited and published on social media after the consent of the family “in order to create the most optimal conditions for the well-being and development of every member of the family – men, women, boys and girls.”

This project is supported by AICS – The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, and is part of their larger multi-year program, WELOD – Women Empowerment and Local Development.

“Shashat Woman Cinema,” is a non-governmental organization whose focus is on women’s cinema and the social and cultural implications of women’s representations. It aims at building the capacity of young women filmmakers from peripheral areas.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency (WAFA)

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