Situation of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon is extremely alarming – UNRWA official

BEIRUT– UNRWA Commissioner General Philippe Lazzarini said today that the humanitarian situation of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon is extremely alarming, and is marred by poverty, despair and lack of prospect.

He said following a visit to the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, “People are dying a slow death as many are unable to afford medicines or co-share the cost of treatment especially for chronic diseases and cancer. Levels of poverty and unemployment are unprecedented due to one of the worst economic crises in recent history.”

He added that “people in Lebanon, among them Palestine refugees, are suffering and paying the price for something not of their making. I met with Palestine refugees during my visit who are completely ravished by poverty, despair and lack of prospect.”

Lazzarini continued, “In the Beddawi Palestine refugee camp, north of Lebanon, I met Salim, who asked that I relay his call for help so that his family can survive this dark episode of the country’s economic freefall.”

Heeding our call for urgent assistance, said the UN official, Germany has generously contributed $6 million for the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. He said this support will enable the UNRWA “to do a round of cash assistance distribution to the most vulnerable as they prepare for winter. This cash assistance also includes Palestine refugees from Syria who depend on monthly assistance from UNRWA to survive.”

“Until a more sustainable solution is found, UNRWA will continue to do everything possible to help Palestine refugees have a life of dignity. I call for further support to UNRWA so that we continue to assist families in need.”

Source: Palestine news and Information Agency