Talks with factions on forming a new government underway: Fatah official

RAMALLAH, Member of the Central Committee of Fatah Movement, Tawfik Tirawi, said on Sunday that the PLO committee of dialogue has approached all factions in an effort to find a way leading to the formation of a new government, in the aftermath of resignation of the National Consensus Government.

He told Palestine TV that the committee is scheduled to meet with all the factions of the PLO regardless of their declared positions. Tirawi pointed out that the dialogue committee held several meetings with the Democratic Front, the People’s Party and the Palestinian Democratic Union parties with regard to forming a new government.

The Fatah official denied that any names were nominated for positions in the next government, saying all efforts now are focusing on the formation of the new government and not the persons nominated for ministers.

Last week, the National Consensus Government of Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah submitted its resignation to President Mahmoud Abbas.

It said after its weekly meeting held in Ramallah that the government will continue to serve our people wherever they are and shoulder all its responsibilities until a new government is formed.

Talks on forming a new government have been underway since the government announced its resignation.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency