Tension high at Israeli prisons after police raid cells at Ofer jail

RAMALLAH, Tuesday, Tension was high at all prisons in Israel on Tuesday where Palestinian resistance members are incarcerated following a large-scale Israeli police raid of sections of Ofer military prison near Ramallah on Monday, according to the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS).

It said that prisoners throughout the country have decided to stop their daily activities, including refusing to take meals, as a solidarity step with the prisoners at Ofer.

Israeli police raided Ofer sections over the last two days using dogs and attacked the prisoners with tear gas causing over 100 cases of injuries, some of them were taken to hospitals for treatment and later returned to prison.

In reaction to their treatment, Ofer prisoners decided to refuse to accept meals and were on high alert in case of further raids by the police and prison guards.

According to the PPS, the prisoners at Ofer refused a request by the prison administration to meet with them and insisted that the administration should first life the ban on the movement of prisoners inside the jail so that they can meet and decide on a strategy for the meeting.

It said the prisoners at Ofer are anticipating further attempts by the prison administration to quell them, which may lead to further escalation in the confrontation.

Source: Palestinian News and Info Agency