The only fun place following the recent cold wave

Listening to the sounds of the calm waves of the sea, young Mohammed Al-Najjar stopped by the beach to release some of his concerns and pressures of life which have been the dominant character for most of the people of the Gaza Strip.

Al-Najjar, who works for the Palestinian police in Gaza, makes use of the golden sun that was missing for days because of the recent cold wave that hit Palestine.

Escape to the sea

While standing by the sea, Mohammed quietly whispers to it that he loves it so much and that he can’t live for more than a week away from it, where he comes on weekly basis to tell the sea about his worries and secrets, whether in winter or summer.

Using his motorbike, Mohammad comes from his house which is a few kilometers away from the sea, to stand in front of it, and enjoy the scene of waves hitting the sand, hoping that the siege will be broken, and that he will be able to travel like other young people do, dreaming of a dignified life.

The sea serves as an outlet for the people of the Gaza Strip in light of the severe siege imposed on them for more than twelve years, during which thousands of young people were forced to leave the Gaza Strip to escape the tragic living conditions.

By the seashore, Abu Khalid Al-Ghalban sat along with his wife and young son, after buying some fish for lunch.

Abu Khaled hopes that the siege will be broken, so that he could travel and work abroad, because of the lack of employment opportunities in the coastal enclave.

Influx of families

At another corner, families began to flock to the seashore following the most recent cold wave, which swept the Gaza Strip, so that they could get some happiness and warmth to protect their bodies which were drained by the cold weather.

Another family accompanied by the father and his eldest son and four daughters came to the beach, and they started chatting while eating some nuts they brought from their family house.

Abu Mahmoud says he made use of the improvement of the weather and his kids’ leave from school to spend some time at the beach and have fun, rewarding his kids who just finished school and got high grades.

Abu Mahmoud does not deny the difficult situation in the Gaza Strip, expressing hope that Almighty Allah will change conditions to the better so that he could provide for his children and family.

Abu Mohammed Al-Astal sat with his children and wife after he started fire and made tea to make the best out of his stay at the beach.

As the tea boiled, his children played on some of the swings at the beach. He took advantage of his children being busy playing to sit quietly with his wife, sharing with her his life concerns.

The 50-year-old Abu Ahmed Al-Amoudi practices his favorite hobby of fishing by taking advantage of the warm atmosphere. He lays on the sand waiting for his catch.

Abu Ahmed has been practicing his hobby for 20 years, coming to the sea almost on daily basis on his motorcycle to get some rest away from the troubles of life.

Source: Palestine Info Center