The Symbiotic Relationship Between ‘Yiwu Market’ and ‘Yiwu Fair’

YIWU, China, Sept. 5, 2014 / PRNewswire — Yiwu Fair and Yiwu Market leverage social and economic development, and draw people from around the world who come to Yiwu to do business.

Yiwu Fair Vivifies Yiwu Market

Yiwu’s economy revolves around Yiwu Market. The Market, which continues to expand, has helped to propel Yiwu’s economy forward and provide many new opportunities for the city’s residents. Yiwu Market has become the world’s largest small commodity market, the country’s major commodity export base and a foreign procurement base in just a few decades. Yiwu Fair in turn has helped to further develop the Market.

19 sessions of Yiwu Fair have been successfully held since its establishment. The scale and grade of the exhibition get bigger each year. The first session of the Fair was about ​​5000 square meters with 348 booths and achieved turnover of 101 million yuan. The exhibition area of the 19th Yiwu Fair exceeded 100,000 square meters and achieved turnover of 16.615 billion yuan, of which foreign trade turnover accounted for $1.696 billion. A total of 196,957 customers from 200 countries and regions, including up to 22,200 foreign businesspeople attended this session of the Yiwu Fair.

Yiwu Fair has witnessed the legendary journey of Yiwu Market as it has blossomed into an important platform that has brought more publicity to Yiwu city and bolstered its image. Yiwu Fair has enhanced the region via the development of commodity flow, information flow, capital flow and merchant flow, so that many new merchants have become steady buyers at Yiwu Market after attending the Yiwu Fair.

Yiwu Fair Affects all Aspects of Yiwu

The win-win effect of “Yiwu Market & Yiwu Fair” has penetrated into all aspects of Yiwu. Now, the International Trade Mart is a never-ending 365 day-a-year Expo. International Trade Mart, a production material market and various commercial streets have become branch halls of Yiwu Fair, and tens of thousands of dealers and customers are professional visitors of Yiwu market. Buyers need only visit the exhibition halls to learn about the latest industry developments and the latest product brands.

The unique advantage of Yiwu Market is behind Yiwu Fair’s rapid rise. We warmly welcome you come to visit the extraordinary Yiwu Fair and Yiwu Market.