Tunisian fans unfurl massive Palestine flag at World Cup

Hundreds of Tunisian fans unfurled a massive flag of Palestine yesterday adorned with the motto “Free Palestine” during the FIFA World Cup match between Tunisia and Australia.

Tunisian fans and other nationals have been waiving Palestinian flags in previous matches throughout the international tournament as part of a campaign in support of the Palestinian people and their just struggle for dignity and freedom.

Although Palestine is not qualifying for the tournament, which is being held in the Arab world for the first time, its national flag has become a widely seen symbol throughout the event.

Ahead of the World Cup in Doha, hundreds of fans gathered and waved the Palestinian flags, with reports stating that it was part of an event organised by the Qatar Youth Against Normalisation group.

But not only that, fans from different Arab countries either boycotted Israeli reporters who tried to interview them and refused to appear on their cameras or stood behind them carrying the Palestinian flag while giving a live broadcast to his TV station in Israel.

Some fans have even broken out into performances of the dabke, a traditional Palestinian folk dance often performed in times of celebration, such as weddings.

Support for Palestine is also evident online, with fans using the hashtag #RaisePalestineFlag to share photos, videos and memes in support of Palestine throughout the tournament.

Source: Palestine news & Information Agency