Under pressure from prisoners, Israel agrees to relocate the adult caretakers with the minors

Under pressure from minor and adult Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, the Damoun prison administration informed the prisoners that it has agreed to relocate the adult prisoners who were taking care of the minor ones at Ofer prison near Ramallah to its prison in order for them to continue to care after the minor prisoners, today said the Palestinian Commission for Detainees Affairs.

It said the prisoners have insisted on relocating the adult prisoners with the 33 minors who were transferred yesterday from Ofer to Damoun without their adult caretakers.

The commission said that having the minors in Damoun without the adult prisoners to look after them and represent their interests with the prison administration would put the minors in great jeopardy.

It said the pressure from the prisoners have forced the administration to change its opinion and allow the adult supervisors to relocate to the prison the minors were taken to.

Source: Palestinian News and Info Agency