Weather: Rain, possibly thunderstorms and hail, are expected as the cold front continues to affect Palestine

The low pressure and polar front that affected Palestine yesterday is expected to continue today causing the temperature to plummet to 5°C below the seasonal average and paving the way to cloudy and very cold conditions, particularly in the mountains, according to the Palestinian Meteorological Department (PMD).

Scattered rain is expected from the north to the center, along with thunderstorms and occasional hail. Gusty westerly to northwesterly winds are expected and sea waves are high.

Temperature in the capital, Jerusalem, and Bethlehem is expected to reach a high of 8°C and a low of 5°C and in Ramallah and Hebron a high of 7°C and a low of 4°C. In Jericho, the Dead Sea, and the Jordan Valley temperature is expected to reach a high of 16°C and a low of 10°C, while it is expected to reach a high of 13°C and a low of 10°C in Gaza and the coastal areas.

The cold conditions are expected to continue tomorrow, Sunday, with scattered rain with occasional thunderstorms and hail as the temperature remains 5°C below the seasonal average and very high winds expected to reach 70 kilometers per hour.

Monday’s temperature is set to further drop to 6°C below the seasonal average. A chance of frost is expected in most areas in the early morning hours and in the evening and night hours.

Temperature is expected to rise on Tuesday but remains 4°C below the seasonal average, said the PMD, which warned people against flash floods in low areas and valleys, gusty wind, slippery roads, low horizontal visibility during the low pressure and frost formation on Monday morning.

Source: Palestinian News & Information Agency