Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico express deep concern over Israel’s decision to legalize new outposts

The Governments of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico expressed in a joint statement today their deep concern over the decision of the far-right Israeli Government to legalize new outposts and build ten thousand units in settlements already existing in the occupied West Bank.

“These unilateral measures constitute serious violations of International Law and of Resolutions of the Security Council of the United Nations, especially no. 2334 (2016), in addition to contributing to raising current tensions,” read the statement.

The four countries added, “Our governments express their opposition to any action that challenges the viability of the two-State solution, in which Israel and Palestine can share secure and internationally recognized borders, while respecting the legitimate aspirations of both peoples to live in peace.”

“The Governments of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico call upon Israelis and Palestinians to refrain from acts and provocations that could lead to a greater escalation of violence and to resume negotiations with a view to achieving a peaceful solution to the conflict.”

Source: Palestine News and Information Agency