ANOF chief: Paris Olympic Games to combine excitement, social responsibility

Paris is bracing for the 2024 Olympic Games amid expectations that the world event would combine sports excitement, and social and environmental responsibility, said Chairman of National Olympic Academy of France (ANOF) Arnauld Richard.

In an interview with KUNA, Richard said that new main sports facilities have already been launched as part of France’s proper preparations and arrangements for the Olympic Games due July 2024.

He even promised that this year’s world games in Paris would be totally different from previous editions, given that the French capital is seeking hard to ensure sustainability and gender equity in view of the number of athletes.

On the total cost of the sports gathering, he estimated that the expenses, after having been re-evaluated due to inflation, would hit approximately nine billion euros (around USD 9.77 billion”.

However, he said the cost of the Paris Olympic Games would be lower than all previous editions, citing Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022
as having cost USD 13 billion and USD 38.5 billion respectively.

He pointed out that most sports facilities are either already existing or have been launched on a temporary basis, thus leading to cutting the total expenses of the big event.

Regarding environment, France and Paris Olympic Games organizers are doing their utmost to cut carbon dioxide emissions by roughly 50 percent, compared with London 2012 Olympic Games and Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games.

Furthermore, Paris is trying to make use of renewable energy sources, chiefly wind and solar energy, by means of urging the expected big number of fans to use means of environmentally friendly transport like metro and bicycles.

The chairman of National Olympic Academy of France (ANOF) said he was so upbeat that the Paris 2024 Olympic Games would so successful and fruitful that it would combine sports excitement and positive influence at the global level.

The Olympic flame for Paris 2024 began its journey from Greece’s Piraeus port to France in April
on board the French ship Belem.

It was the first time in the history of the Games that the Olympic Flame had been transported by sea.

The summer Olympics are to kick off from 26 July to 11 August, with 10,500 athletes competing in 329 events.

There will be 206 countries represented at the Olympics and the main athletics events will be held at the Stade de France, on the northern outskirts of Paris.

Source: Kuwait News Agency

Adnan Darjal: A reform revolution is coming in Iraqi football

The President of the Iraqi Football Federation, Adnan Darjal, said: ‘We are heading towards a reform revolution in Iraqi football.’

The Federation stated in a statement, ‘Today Darjal held a meeting at the Federation’s headquarters with the Referees Committee and the Referees and Evaluators Department, in the presence of the Federation’s Secretary-General, to discuss many matters related to arbitration, and to seek to advance the reality of arbitration to wide ranges, and to develop the referees’ capabilities in a way that contributes to leading matches to safety.”

The statement quoted Darjal as saying: ‘The Federation has held many development courses for referees, in addition to providing VAR video technology, the catalyst for successfully and superiorly completing the refereeing task in every match, which was used for the first time this season in the current season in the Iraq Stars League, aiming for refereeing to be one of the most important pillars of success for our football, and this requires every
one to develop, cooperate and join forces to achieve the desired goals.’

He added: ‘We are heading toward a reform revolution in football by rehabilitating stadiums in a modern way and making them compete with developed countries, because they are one of the most prominent features of football development.’

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

Duhail, Al Arabi Qualify for Qatar Handball Cup Final

Doha: Duhail and Al Arabi teams qualified for the final match of the Qatar Handball Cup for the current sports season 2023/2024, after defeating Al Rayyan and Al Ahli, respectively, on Wednesday, in the semi-final matches.

In the first match, Duhail achieved a major victory over Al Rayyan (the league champion) 35/24.

Duhail scored a relative advantage in the first half, which ended with a lead of 18/15, and in the second half, Al Rayyan recorded a strong comeback, as a result of which it was able to adjust the score before its level declined significantly in the second half of the half, which Duhail completely dominated and moved away from the score until they ended the match with winning by 11 goals.

Al Arabi joined Duhail to the final after defeating Al Ahli 30/28 in the second match of the semi-finals.

The match was close throughout the two halves, as the first half ended with Al-Arabi leading by one goal, 14/13, and despite Al Ahlis attempts to adjust the result and take precedence in the second half,
Al Arabi succeeded in maintaining its lead and securing the victory and the ticket to the final.

The final match will be held between Duhail and Al Arabi next Sunday.

On the other hand, Al Gharafa and Qatar qualified for the quarter-finals of the Amirs Handball Cup. Al Gharafa defeated Al Shamal 32/23, while Qatar defeated Al Khor 27/26 in the two matches of the first stage (qualifiers) that were held on Wednesday.

Al Gharafa will meet Duhail, while Qatar will play with Al Arabi in the quarter-finals on Friday, with the other two matches for this round bringing together Al Rayyan with Al Sadd and Al Ahli with Al Wakrah. Ak

Source: Qatar News Agency

Qatari National Team Rank Third West Asian Beach Volleyball Championship

The Qatari beach volleyball team won third place in the West Asian Championship in its second edition, after defeating its Lebanese counterpart on Wednesday by two games, in the match to determine the third and fourth places of the tournament currently being held in Jordan.

The match was moderate, as the Qatari team dominated many of its periods.

The Qatari team, consisting of the duo (Abdullah Naseem and Mohamed Ihab), had qualified from the first group, and succeeded in defeating the Jordanian team 2-0 in the quarter-finals, then lost to the Omani team with the same score in the semi-finals.

The Qatari team will participate in the Arab Beach Volleyball Championship, scheduled to be organized from May 25 to 29, immediately after the conclusion of the West Asian Championship, at the same Princess Aya beach courts in Al Hussein Youth City.

Source: Qatar News Agency

Qatars Amro Al Hamad Appointed Vice-President of Single Seater Committee of FIA

The International Automobile Federation has appointed Executive Director of Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation (QMMF) and CEO of Lusail International Circuit (LIC) Amro Al Hamad as the Vice-President of the Single Seater Committee in the World Motor Sport Council (WMSC).

This appointment also highlights the significant strides Qatar has made in establishing itself as a key player in the international motorsport community. Furthermore, it allows me to represent the MENA region and advocate for its growing presence and potential in the world of motorsport It is also a significant win for QMMF and a testament to Qatar’s unwavering commitment to promoting motorsport and its vision to become an international hub for the sport.

“I am honored to be appointed as the Vice-President of the Single Seater Committee in the FIA,” said Amro Al Hamad.

Al Hamad’s leadership at QMMF and as CEO of Lusail International Circuit, along with his passion for motorsports deeply rooted in his experience as a former endurance rac
ing driver, has played a pivotal role in promoting motorsport in Qatar and the region.

“This role presents a unique opportunity to contribute to the evolution of single-seater racing globally. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the FIA to advance our shared goals for the sport, Al Hamad added.

The FIA’s Single Seater Committee plays a crucial role in overseeing the regulations and development of single-seater categories, which include some of the most popular and competitive series in motorsport. Al Hamad’s background in motorsport management and his strategic vision will bring valuable insights to the committee.

Source: Qatar News Agency

Aspetar Provides Comprehensive Medical Support to Qatari Delegation Participating in Paris 2024 Olympics

Doha: Aspetar, Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital, announced Wednesday that it will provide medical support to Qatari delegations participating in the Paris 2024 Olympics, which will be held between July 26 and August 11.

The medical delegation accompanying the Qatari Olympic team is led by Dr. Leith Anas Al Sanfaz, a sports medicine specialist at Aspetar. The delegation comprises a medical team of sports medicine, physiotherapy, and massage therapists.

Aspetar’s support goes beyond immediate involvement during the tournament, providing comprehensive medical services before, during, and after the event.

Aspetar furnishes the Qatari delegation with distinguished medical services, including thorough medical examinations to obtain participation permits, preventative vaccinations, and equipping all necessary medical equipment and medication.

Aspetar’s efforts focus on delivering comprehensive healthcare for athletes throughout the tournament to help them perform at their best during competitions. This i
ncludes diagnosing and treating injuries, accelerating recovery processes, providing nutritional, sleep, and jet lag guidance and advice, and preventing communicable diseases.

Commencing with the London 2012 Olympics and extending to the Paris 2024 Olympics, Aspetar boasts a rich and distinguished history of accompanying Qatari Olympic delegations. The Tokyo 2020 Olympics, held amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, presented unique challenges characterized by stringent medical and precautionary protocols, which Aspetar expertly navigated, further solidifying its reputation as a leading provider of medical support for major sporting events.

Aspetar implements a distinguished preventative programme known as the “Aspetar Injury Prevention and Disease Prevention Programme”. The programme is based on two main elements: scientific research and practical application. The programme has been highly successful in developing preventative programme that contribute to reducing injuries and illnesses among athletes.

A world-lea
ding specialised orthopaedic and sports medicine hospital and the first of its kind in the Middle East, Aspetar plays a pivotal role in supporting the health of Qatari athletes at both local and international levels, through its distinguished medical services and pioneering preventative programmes.

Aspetar’s dedication to world-class athlete care has been recognized again. The prestigious International Olympic Committee (IOC) has renewed Aspetar’s accreditation as a research centre for another four years. This endorsement by the IOC solidifies Aspetar’s position as a global leader in sports medicine and injury prevention for athletes, being the only centre of its kind in the entire region.

Aspetar was at the forefront of innovation and leadership in the field of sports medicine during the 7th International Olympic Committee World Conference on Injury and Disease Prevention in Sport, held last February ahead of the Olympic Games. The participation of Aspetar experts in the conference affirmed Aspetar’s commi
tment to developing sports medicine through advanced research, clinical expertise, and educational initiatives, all in service of the world’s sports community.

Source: Qatar News Agency

The PM adopts the treatment of our former national team coach, Akram Salman

Baghdad, Government Sports Advisor Khaled Abdel Wahed Gibian announced this afternoon, Wednesday, that Prime Minister, Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani had adopted the treatment of our former national team coach, ‘Akram Ahmed Salman,’ who supervised the training of our national team and many Iraqi clubs, in addition to training many Arab clubs.

The Prime Minister wished the coach a speedy recovery and a quick return to his field and courts, to practicing his activities, and to continuing his efforts.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

Al Rayyan to Face Al Duhail in Qatar Handball Cup Semi-Final on Wednesday

Doha: The semi-final matches of the Qatar Handball Cup for the 2023/2024 season will take place on Wednesday.

In the first match, Al Rayyan will face Al Duhail, while the second match will feature Al Arabi against Al Ahli.

All four teams are vying for a spot in the final, scheduled for next Sunday. Al Rayyan are looking to secure its second title of the season after winning the league championship last Saturday. The other three teams, Al Duhail, Al Arabi, and Al Ahli, are aiming for their first title of the season.

Historically, Al Ahli won the inaugural Qatar Cup in the 2013/2014 season. The title was then claimed by Al Jaish for three consecutive seasons (2014/2015, 2015/2016, and 2016/2017). Al Duhail won it in the 2017/2018 season, followed by Al Sadd in 2018/2019. Al Duhail won it again in the 2019/2020 season. Al Arabi took the title in the 2020/2021 season, Al Rayyan in 2021/2022, and Al Wakrah won last season’s 2022/2023 title.

Additionally, HH the Amir Handball Cup will also kick off Wednesday wi
th two first-round matches. Al Gharafa will play against Al Shamal, and Qatar SC will face Al Khor.

The winner of the Al Gharafa vs. Al Shamal match will advance to play Al Duhail, while the victor of the Qatar SC vs. Al Khor match will face Al Arabi in the quarter-finals on Friday. The other quarter-final matches will see Al Rayyan against Al Sadd and Al Ahli against Al Wakrah.

Source: Qatar News Agency

HH the Amir Cup 2024: Organizing Committee Reveals Final Match Preparations

Doha: The organizing committee for the 2024 HH the Amir Cup has unveiled the details of the preparations for the final match, which will feature Al Sadd against Qatar SC at the Education City Stadium on Friday.

In a press conference on Tuesday at the conference hall at the Education City Stadium, the committee reviewed the latest preparations for the final match, including logistical and media arrangements, the transportation of fans via the Doha Metro, and their arrival at the stadium. Additionally, they discussed the opening times for the stadium gates and security arrangements for the entry and exit of fans.

Ali Hassan Al Salat, deputy director of media affairs for the tournament, expressed confidence that HH the Amir Cup final would be showcased in the best possible way. He noted the significant demand for match tickets since they were made available, which come in three categories. He mentioned that the final, which has garnered considerable interest from the fans, would feature 52 prizes and a raffle
for a special car provided by the tournament sponsors.

Al Salat highlighted that Qatar Football Association (QFA) has launched an initiative for the visually impaired, which includes a complete broadcast of the final match through a dedicated application that was used during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and other tournaments hosted by Qatar.

Hassan Al Nuaimi, stadium manager at Education City Stadium, affirmed the readiness of the venue to host the grand final, with all logistical and operational arrangements in place and teams fully prepared.

Al Nuaimi emphasized the importance of fans following the instructions issued by the organizing committee and arriving at the stadium well in advance to enjoy the pre-match activities. The gates for fan entry will open at 4 PM, three hours before the match kickoff.

First Lieutenant Nasser Al Nuaimi, traffic commander at Education City Stadium representing the General Directorate of Traffic, expressed confidence that the final would be conducted smoothly, emphasizin
g the importance of security and safety through proper procedures and adherence to security measures. He confirmed that the traffic section is fully prepared to organize the event, facilitate traffic flow, and manage the entry and exit of vehicles and fans from the parking areas to the stadium. He urged fans to arrive early to avoid congestion and cooperate with the security personnel.

Ghanem Al Kuwari, director of transport operations for the tournament, stated that the preparations for HH the Amir Cup final have been meticulously planned, with multiple transportation options available for reaching Education City Stadium, including the Doha Metro’s yellow line and taxi services.

He pointed out that there will be parking spaces available around the stadium and nearby for private vehicles.

Source: Qatar News Agency

Wirtz Named Bundesliga Player of the Season

Frankfurt,Florian Wirtz of Bayer Leverkusen has been voted Bundesliga Player of the Season 2023-24 in a poll conducted by the German Football League (DFL).

The DFL said on Monday that the 21-year-old playmaker Wirtz won ahead of Serhou Guirassy and Deniz Undav from league runners-up VfB Stuttgart, and Leverkusen team-mates Victor Boniface and Alejandro Grimaldo.

Eligible for the season vote were all winners of the DFL Player of the Month awards. Wirtz was the only player to win this ballot three times, in October, December and February.

It is the first award of such a kind for Wirtz who is also expected to shine for Germany at the upcoming European Championship on home ground.

Source: Qatar News Agency

Qadsia against Salmiya for Amir Football Cup

Qadsia football team will play against Salmiya team on Tuesday for the final of the 2023-24 season of Amir Football Cup in Jaber Al-Ahmad International Stadium.

Qadsia qualified for the final after defeating Al-Arabi with a score of (2-1) while Salmiya qualified after defeating Al-Tadamon (3-0) in the semi-final matches.

Croatian coach of Salmiya Club Ante Misha said in the press conference for the final match on Monday that Qadsia is ready for this long awaited match and that he will do everything to win the cup.

For his part, coach of Qadsia Club Dr. Mohammad Al-Anazi said that tomorrow’s match will be difficult and that he knows the strength of Salmiya club, the keys to the game, points that can affect his team, and that Qadsia must play a perfect match to win.

The tournament was held 61 times before this season, with Kuwait, Qadsia and Al-Arabi each winning the title 16 times, Kazma 8 times, while Salmiya and Yarmouk each won it twice and Al-Fahaheel once.

Source: Kuwait News Agency

Kuwait’s Al-Rajhi 5th in 400m final at Kobe Para Athletics Championships

Kuwait’s national team player Faisal Al-Rajhi finished fifth in the men’s 400 meters T54 final, at the Para Athletics World Championships, Monday.

He clocked 46.78 seconds, while China’s Hu Yang earned the gold medal in a Championship record of 44.98 seconds in the event at the Kobe Universiade Memorial Stadium, Western Japan.

On Saturday, Al-Rajhi, 25, secured the gold medal in 5,000-meter wheelchair race, making a remarkable achievement ahead of the upcoming Paralympic Games in Paris 2024.

He is also set to compete in 1,500 meters and 800 meters races in the Kobe games.

In the nine-day championships through May 25, Kuwait has sent four athletes, Al-Rajhi, Dhari Buti in the men’s shot put F37, Tokyo Paralympics bronze medalist Faisal Sorour in the men’s shot put F63 and Malak Ali in the women’s javelin throw F54.

Source: Kuwait News Agency