Ministry of industry announces list of Swedish companies’ names, brands and products covered by boycott and embargo

The Ministry of Industry and Trade announced on Friday a list of Swedish companies’ names, brands and products covered by the decision of the Minister of Industry to boycott and delete their brands, and to ban the entry of their products, in response to the Swedish authorities allowing extremists to burn copies of the Holy Quran.

The Ministry’s list included the names and brands of all Swedish companies and a detailed explanation of their products.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade confirmed in a statement, a copy of which was received by Saba, that the implementation of the decision to ban the entry of Swedish products is effectively implemented in reality.

It called on the official, private and private media to publish and circulate the names, brands and products of Swedish companies within the framework of the media’s active role in raising awareness of this important issue.

Source: Yemen News Agency

YEMAC: 10 civilians killed and injured in explosion of aggression’s remnants

Six citizens and four others were injured by the explosion of objects from the remnants of the US-Saudi aggression today and yesterday in the provinces of Marib and Amran.

The Yemen Executive Mine Action Centre (YEMAC), confirmed on Friday that six citizens, including two children, were killed and four others were injured by the explosion of objects left behind by the aggression remnants in Marib and Amran.

During the first half of 2023, the Centre had documented which amounted to150 martyr-wounded victims, which that statistic is not exhaustive.

The statement stated that since the start of the aggression on March 26, 2015, nine thousand and 500 victims were documented, including martyrs and wounded, most of whom fell as a result of the cluster bombs that were used excessively by the aggression coalition on a large scale in the Yemeni provinces.

The statement pointed out that in the face of the increasing number of victims, the Executive Center for Mine Action followed up with the United Nations and its agencies working in humanitarian work in the past years continuously and actively to introduce the center’s detectors to clear the Yemeni regions.

The center’s statement said, “There has been no response from the United Nations in providing the equipment until today, despite the widespread pollution that Yemen is witnessing, with the statement of the Director of the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) and her assertion in a press conference at Sana’a Airport during her visit to Yemen in December of last year that Yemen is considered the highest country in the world contaminated with mines, cluster bombs and remnants of war. UN reports also confirmed that Yemen ranks third in terms of the number of victims.”

The Mine Action Center called on the United Nations to play its humanitarian role in providing detectors and to continue supporting mine action instead of reducing support for its activities, which since the beginning of 2023 has reached 90 percent.

The statement confirmed that the United Nations had suspended all activities since the beginning of this July, despite the availability of funding and support, and stipulated that funding and support for the center’s activities be provided with conditions that violate international treaties, agreements and protocols, the Geneva Convention, and Yemeni laws and legislation.

The center indicated that these requirements were set in favor of the countries of the aggression coalition, which are primarily responsible for the excessive use of cluster bombs in Yemen, without regard for the lives of children and civilians in Yemen.

The statement also called on the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, civil society organizations and the media to do their duty towards the United Nations decision to stop mine-related activities in Yemen, as stipulated in Article VI of the Ottawa Convention.

The Executive Center for Mine Action affirmed that the United Nations bears the humanitarian and moral responsibility for the increasing number of victims, considering stopping humanitarian activities as a violation of the principles of impartiality, as stipulated in the Geneva Convention, the protocol, humanitarian laws, and the protection of civilians, whether during or after the war.

Source: Yemen News Agency

Aggression commits 70 violations in Hodeida in 24 hours

The aggression forces committed 70 violations of the ceasefire agreement in Hodeida province over the past 24 hours, an official at the operations room to monitor the violations said on Friday.

The official in the operations room told the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) that among the aggression forces violations were four spy flight strikes, eight artillery violations and 54 violations by different gunshots.

Source: Yemen News Agency

Telegram Adds Stories Feature for Premium Subscribers

Telegram’s new Stories feature that lets users share time-limited videos and photos is now live after CEO Pavel Durov shared last month that the feature was in testing.

For now, the company is only allowing its paid Premium subscribers to post Telegram Stories.

The Telegram Stories launch comes after rival messaging apps WhatsApp (with statuses) and even Signal have launched their own versions. Durov admitted there was some internal skepticism on whether Stories is a good idea but shared that the team now “can no longer imagine Telegram without it.” Snapchat popularized the Stories format before Meta swiped the idea, building them into Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. The NBA, TikTok, and, for a while, Twitter with Fleets have all tried them out, too. Telegram Stories is also following Meta’s playbook by copying BeReal’s (maybe one-hit-wonder) spin on the feature, with support for taking pictures from both the front and rear cameras simultaneously. Durov posted this video last month showing off that new ability, along with a few others.

Telegram is offering granular controls over how Stories are shared. You can choose to have them expire in timed increments of 6, 12, 24, or 48 hours or even keep the story pinned permanently until you want it removed. Plus, each story can have individual privacy settings so only desired contacts can view them.

Source: Qatar News Agency

Foreign ministry welcomes Portuguese Parliament’s decision to recognize the Nakba

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates today welcomed the Portuguese Parliament’s decision to recognize the Nakba or the catastrophe, that befell the Palestinian people in 1948, and its expression of solidarity with the Palestinian people. It considered in a statement the decision as “a true expression of Portugal’s solidarity with the plight of the Palestinian people, which has been going on for 75 years.” The ministry praised the decision as a first step towards the Portuguese government’s recognition of the State of Palestine. It also considered it a step toward adopting resolutions that consider the Palestinian catastrophe a human tragedy, which must be recognized by the countries of the world towards addressing its ongoing effects and repercussions throughout the past decades. The Portuguese parliament voted, by majority, on the decision to recognize the catastrophe that befell the Palestinian people in 1948 and praised their struggle to obtain their right to self-determination. The resolution condemned the Israeli occupation’s expansionist polcy and illegal annexation that violates international laws and also calls on the Portuguese government to take a clear and frank position in defending the right of the Palestinian people as guaranteed by international conventions and laws.

Source: En – Palestine news & Information Agency – WAFA

Palestinians in Arab city inside Israel march against Israeli police failure to prevent crime

Dozens of residents of Um al-Fahm City and the Wadi Ara region marched today in protest of crime and its spread in the Palestinian society in the 1948 territories. They also protested against the involvement of the Israeli police and their failure to fight crime. Since the beginning of the year, the death toll of murders in Palestinian communities inside Israel has risen to 121; an unprecedented toll compared to the past two years, as 2022 witnessed the killing of 109 people, while more than 111 people were murdered in 2021.

Source: En – Palestine news & Information Agency – WAFA

American Tech Companies Pledge Safe AI Practices in White House Meeting

American technology companies held a meeting at the White House and agreed to a pledge regarding the use of Artificial Intelligence, the Biden administration said today.

The companies that met at the White House today included some of the biggest tech names like Apple, Meta, Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet, and OpenAI, in addition to smaller AI companies like Anthropic and Inflection.

The companies pledged to test their AI systems extensively before releasing them, share information about how to reduce risks, and invest in cybersecurity.

They also agreed to distinguish AI-created content created content by embedding a watermark, so that users can know the technology has been used and avoid any misinformation that could result from the use of the technology.

Source: Qatar News Agency

Microsoft Introduces Feature of Displaying Electronic Books in ePUB Format

Microsoft announced the launch of a new feature for displaying electronic books in / ePUB / format in its browser “Edge”.

The new feature allows users to play and read e-book files in ePUB format on computers using Microsoft Edge browser without the need to install any additional software.

The new feature also allows browsing the content index as well as reference pages. More tools are expected to be added later to improve the reading experience.

Microsoft had previously removed support for viewing ePUB files from the Edge browser, along with other features, as it already existed several years ago, and this coincided with the cancellation of the sale of e-books from its store.

It is worth noting that the ePUB format is a format intended for e-books, and it is approved by many publishers and readers alike, and it can be run on many devices.

Source: Qatar News Agency

The Arab Opinion Commission In Kirkuk Calls Arabs Of Kirkuk To Unite And Preserve The Gains In The Province

The Arab Opinion Commission in Kirkuk called for the unity of the component in the province and the preservation of the national gains in Kirkuk.

It said in a statement after a gathering in the city of Kirkuk, “In the name of the Arab masses gathered today, we call on the Arab political entities operating in Kirkuk to unite in a unified Arab list.”

It its statement, it warned of division and dispersion, which in turn will lead to the loss of the Arab electoral entitlement, holding all political blocs responsible for that division.

The Arab Opinion Commission in Kirkuk called on the Arab citizen to expedite updating the election records and to prepare for active participation in order to achieve the desired result.

It praised the good performance of all security forces in maintaining security, order and stability in all areas of Kirkuk Governorate.

It appreciated the reconstruction and construction campaign taking place in the province, calling on the administration to provide more services to all citizens.

The Arab Opinion Commission called on all the components of Kirkuk to peaceful coexistence, rejecting terrorism, sectarianism and racism, and preserving Iraq’s unity and territorial integrity. / End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

Erdogan, Zelenskyy Discuss Extending Grain Transfer Agreement From Ukrainian Ports

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan discussed with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelenskyy, by phone, the file of extending the agreement to transport grain from Ukrainian ports across the Black Sea.

The Turkish Presidency Communications Department said in a statement Friday evening that the phone call came at Zelenskyy’s request, and that the two presidents discussed in detail the file of the grain transfer agreement.

Erdogan stressed during the phone call that Turkey is making intensive efforts for peace to prevail.

Russia had announced the suspension of the agreement to transport grain across the Black Sea, objecting to the non-implementation of its conditions and demands within the framework of the agreement.

It is noteworthy that Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the United Nations signed the agreement in Istanbul in July 2022 to help deal with the global food crisis that has worsened since the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war in February 2022. It was extended three times, as it facilitated the transfer of tons of grain and foodstuffs in the context of attempts to address the global food crisis, which escalated to record levels after Moscow launched its military operations.

Russia and Ukraine are the main suppliers of wheat, barley, sunflower oil and other affordable food products on which developing countries depend./ End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

One Of The Perpetrators Of The Crime Of Speicher Arrested After 9 Years Of Chasing

The Joint Operations Command announced today, Friday, the arrest of a fugitive accused of the Speicher crime, “Azzat Ibrahim Muhammad Rabie”, after a nine-year chase in Syria.

The Security Media Cell said in a statement that, “With a qualitative operation carried out by the Knights of the Joint Operations Command and in direct coordination with the Iraqi National Intelligence Service and the accuracy of the information it provided, and within the framework of the great efforts to track down terrorist and crime groups, today, Friday, the fugitive accused of the terrorist crime of Speicher, “Azzat Ibrahim Muhammad Rabie,” who was pursued by our specialized services for nine years in the regions of northeastern Syria, was arrested.

The statement added, “Despite the difficulties that our knights faced in investigating the accused for impersonating a false identity and trying to flee to a neighboring country after realizing the danger of persecution while he was in Syria, he missed that there are senior men who are determined to eliminate Takfiri terrorism and get rid of its rotten like this criminal.”

The statement continued, “Your children in the armed forces and other security services promise their people and the families of the martyrs of this historic crime to exert the precious in fair retribution from the cowardly terrorists to establish security and peace throughout our beloved country.”/ End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

Iraq And Syria Discuss The Development Of Air Transport Prospects Between The Two Countries

The head of the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority, Imad Abdul-Razzaq Al-Asadi, discussed today, Friday, with the Syrian Minister of Transport, Zuhair Khuzaym, the development of air transport prospects between the two countries.

The Aviation Authority said in a statement that Al-Asadi said, “The meeting is a starting point for discussing cooperation and joint coordination in the fields of air transport and air safety between the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority and its Syrian counterpart in order to enhance economic integration and develop mechanisms for joint action between Baghdad and Damascus in the air transport sector.”/ End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency