Cabinet issues slew of new bylaws

A Cabinet session held Sunday, headed by Prime Minister Dr. Bishr Khasawneh, approved Licensing Private and Foreign Educational Institutions Bylaw for 2023.

The new system aims to streamline licensing procedures for private and foreign educational institutions, in line with the Economic Modernization Vision (EMV) as part of sectoral licenses.

Additionally, the regulation seeks to regulate these institutions’ work by specifying their obligations, rights and the required fees, as well as organizing and supervising services provided for people with disabilities.

The Council of Ministers approved the Administrative Organization Bylaw for Jordan Radio and Television Corporation (JRTV) for 2023, aimed to define tasks and responsibilities of the corporation’s administrative units to avoid overlap and reorganize work, in line with the latest development requirements to ensure good workflow and raise performance efficiency.

On another media-related decision, the Cabinet approved the amending Administrative Organi
zation Bylaw of Jordan News Agency (Petra) for 2023, aimed to keep pace with developments in the field of digital media and social media platforms, optimally invest human resources and competencies and redistribute staff among organizational units to rearrange workload and unify nature of similar activities.

Moreover, the Council approved an amending Customs Services Fees Bylaw on imported goods for 2023, aimed to support and stimulate national industries, by reducing the tariff imposed on raw materials for nuts to 3% instead of 5% of their value, and selling related ready-made materials imported from abroad at affordable and competitive prices.

Source: Jordan News Agency