Community Initiative successfully expands by growing Ginger in Mahwit

A community initiative in the Malhan District of Al-Mahwit province was successful in expanding ginger cultivation in the governorate.

The initiative aimed to demonstrate the viability of the ginger’s productivity and expand its cultivation to contribute to reducing the import bill of this high-quality crop.

Mohammed Al-Nawira, Al-Mahwit ‘ Being one of the most prominent areas for crop cultivation, along with coffee cultivation and a number of agricultural crops, where the fertility of their soil is characterized.

He noted that the price per kilogram of this crop amounted to more than SAR 1,500, and the quantities offered ginger and turmeric had a high consumer demand; Being fresh crops, of high quality, compared to their imported counterparts from abroad.

Agent Al-Nawira underlined the local authority leadership’s desire to encourage support for the cultivation of such crops to benefit from them in meeting local needs and their self-sufficiency, thereby reducing the import bill from ginger and turmeric

He stressed the importance of strengthening efforts, and coordinating with the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, relevant stakeholders and those involved in the agricultural sector, to encourage the cultivation of crops in the appropriate areas for cultivation by supporting farmers with agricultural production inputs and seeds, agricultural services and strengthening agricultural extension activities.

Source: Yemen News Agency