Cultural significance of Karak Castle showcased through Jordan Summer Festival

Amidst the historical magnificence of Karak Castle, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities on Saturday organized a captivating event as part of the Jordan Summer Festival, to highlight the cultural, historical, and touristic significance of the Castle, encompassing its majestic towers and imposing walls.

The program has garnered immense attention and witnessed a remarkable turnout from diverse social groups and all age categories, as the attendees eagerly delved into the castle’s rich history, iconic landmarks, and the various civilizations that have left their imprint on this renowned site.

Visitors were also treated to an immersive experience through informative panels and engaging conversations, while the castle gates became a sought-after backdrop for capturing cherished family photos.

Speaking to the Jordan News Agency, participants expressed their appreciation for the annual Jordan Summer Festival, particularly those organized at Karak’s archaeological sites, saying that such events not only offer entertainment but also serve as an opportunity for individuals to acquaint themselves with the prominent landmarks of Karak Castle, the architectural marvels surrounding it, and the city’s captivating social and cultural history.

Khaled Al-Ja’afara, an administrator at the Karak Governorate, underlined the wide range of touristic attractions present in Karak, spanning historical, religious, therapeutic, natural, and cultural domains.

Emphasizing the cultural and touristic significance of Karak Castle, Al-Ja’afara highlighted the importance of hosting festivals within the castle’s courtyard, adding that such events provide families with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the castle’s captivating history, thereby stimulating domestic tourism and strengthening the bond between visitors and the site’s rich heritage.

Source: Jordan News Agency