EU announces €296 million in support to Palestine

The European Union announced today the 2022 financial assistance package totalling €296 million to the Palestinian people at a signing ceremony held in Ramallah in the presence of President Mahmoud Abbas.

Of the total package, the EU said €199.2 million will be allotted to support the Palestinian Authority’s expenditures for social allowances, medical referrals, salaries and pensions, and projects in the occupied Palestinian territory, in addition to EU-funded projects in East Jerusalem.

A programme of 30 million EUR will contribute to increase the volume of drinking water in Gaza where quality and quantity of water per capita remains below international standards, said the bloc.

Meantime, €27 million are allocated to support micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to acquire green competitiveness, climate-smart agribusiness, rural finance inclusion and environmental policy.

A €12 million envelope will help in addressing the needs of the Palestinian population in East Jerusalem through the EU East Jerusalem programme that covers areas ranging from education to health; social inclusion to private sector development; community empowerment to human rights.

A total of €8 million of this package will help improve access to social and public infrastructure in Area C.

€5 million will support access to justice and conditions for fair trial, legal aid, legal and judicial specialisation and will promote civic participation to strengthen the rule of law in Palestine.

Source: Palestine News and Information Agency