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Latest Egyptian Customer Win Addresses Need for Cloud-native Data Protection and DR Services

Boston, Massachusetts, July 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — HYCU, Inc., a pioneering enterprise BaaS company specializing in hybrid and multi-cloud data protection as a service, today announced Extreme Solution, a HYCU Cloud Services Provider Program provider, will supply EVA Pharma, an innovation-led, global healthcare company based in Egypt, with its modern technological infrastructure, in order to make significant breakthroughs in various product initiatives. As part of these initiatives, EVA Pharma has been investing in cloud-native solutions to bolster product development and launch support. When the company could not easily carry out disaster recovery (DR) to the cloud with its previous data protection solution, EVA Pharma turned to Extreme Solution. Extreme Solution is a leader in digital transformation and cloud solutions with more than 20 years’ experience working with customers across Egypt, the UAE and North America on software development, consultancy, public cloud and critical infrastructure.

EVA Pharma, which operates in more than 40 countries around the world, has partnered with HYCU and Extreme Solution to permanently secure the availability of services and information under even the most difficult circumstances, in addition to providing fully secured backups and DR strategies for its systems, which support the company’s digital transformation plans while maintaining the security of data and information, through the partnership with leading data security providers such as a HYCU.

“Providing secured copies of data and information to protect against loss, sabotage or ransomware and increase the availability of electronic services under all conditions is a necessity for digital transformation,” said Michael Mounir, Head of IT & Digital Transformation at EVA Pharma. Mounir explained that the cooperation includes solutions to address any sabotage that targets either on-premises or cloud services and may result in data loss, whether an intentional attack or unintended incident.

“We have a strong reputation for delivering on digital success for our customers, to ensure they have the best ROI with cloud-native and DR to cloud solutions. These solutions can help EVA Pharma both grow and scale,” said Sherif Kozman, CEO, Extreme Solution. “HYCU’s cloud-native data migration, protection and recovery software have helped us to meet our customers’ demanding data protection and DR needs.”

By deploying HYCU Protégé and HYCU Protégé for Office 365, Extreme Solution was able to address a cloud DR need that EVA Pharma was unable to accommodate via its previous legacy data protection solution. HYCU Protégé licensing covered the cost of all three public cloud platform providers (Azure, AWS and Google Cloud) and removed the need for additional storage costs. With HYCU Protégé advanced search, auto-journaling and alerting capabilities, Extreme Solution was also able to address EVA Pharma’s stringent industry compliance requirements.

“The work the combined teams from Extreme Solution and HYCU did for EVA Pharma is another strong example of the use cases and solutions we continue to deliver to our growing Cloud Services Provider community,” said Colum o’Donovan, Senior Director, Global Cloud Alliances, HYCU Inc. “With HYCU’s powerful cloud-native data protection as a service data management solution and Extreme Solution’s expertise and know-how, joint customers have a cost-effective and efficient way to handle all their multi-cloud data protection needs.”

HYCU solutions have been designed specifically to meet the cloud-native data protection and data management needs of next-generation on-premises and cloud services, managed services, and systems integrators. HYCU’s Cloud Services Provider Program allows Extreme Solution to cost-effectively scale growth and their customers’ adoption with simplicity and ease of use.

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