HR welcomes decision of Court of Justice, calls for intel pressure on entity, its supporters

The Ministry of Human Rights has expressed its approval of the International Court of Justice’s decision, which binds the Zionist entity to cease military attacks or any other actions in the city of Rafah, located in the southern Gaza Strip.

Furthermore, the Ministry stresses the importance of keeping the Rafah crossing open to facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid into the Strip.

In a statement, the Ministry views this decision as a positive step, yet it expresses surprise at the court’s disregard for the dire situation in other areas of the Gaza Strip. This neglect comes amidst the Zionist entity’s persistent perpetration of murder and extermination crimes against civilians in those areas.

The Ministry emphasizes that the orders of the International Court of Justice, as the primary judicial body of the United Nations, are legally binding. Thus, the Zionist entity is obligated to comply with the decision to cease the invasion of Rafah.

It highlights that this decision bolsters the legitimacy of Pales
tinian resistance against occupation, reaffirms the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination, and exposes Israel’s claims of self-defense while it acts as the aggressor against Palestinian land and people.

The Ministry notes that this decision paves the way for holding the entity accountable for its crimes in international courts. This is especially significant given the growing international support for the Palestinian cause and the increasing recognition of Palestinian rights, as evidenced by recent actions taken by European countries such as Spain, Norway, and Ireland.

The Ministry urges for practical international pressure on the entity to halt its aggressive and settlement policies in the occupied Palestinian territories. It asserts that international parties are now under scrutiny before global public opinion, particularly in light of the intense and barbaric bombing currently underway in Rafah.

The statement warns that if the United States blocks the resolution in the Security Council, it wi
ll further tarnish its reputation and represent a condemnation by the international community. Additionally, it considers the American position a serious threat to the primary objectives of the Security Council, which are to uphold international peace and security.

The Ministry expresses astonishment at the European Union’s statements, which caution the Zionist entity against threatening the court or its judges. Instead, it believes the EU should have warned the entity against defying the court’s decision and pressured it to cease its aggressive and settlement policies in the occupied Palestinian territories.

It calls on the international community to intensify pressure on the entity and its supporters to adhere to the provisions of international law and legitimacy.

Finally, the Ministry urges the Security Council and influential international parties to fulfill their legal and humanitarian responsibilities by adopting decisive measures. These measures should include ending the humanitarian catastrophe in
Gaza, implementing a comprehensive ceasefire, halting military operations in Rafah, ensuring the unrestricted flow of aid throughout the Strip, and safeguarding international relief crews.

Source: Yemen News Agency