IACC recovers JD0.5 billion, shields whistleblowers in war on graft

The Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission (IACC) has directly or indirectly recovered about JD0.5 billion and provided protection to 95 whistleblowers in its crackdown on graft in the last seven years, according to reports.

On International Anti-Corruption Day today, Petra said that in its reports in the past seven years, 2016-2022, the IACC announced its caders investigated and legally dealt with more than 20,000 files and pieces of information about potential corruption crimes, settling some of them and referring some to the judiciary while some were kept.

The commission, in cooperation with security bodies, also provided legal protection to 95 people who reported, testified or presented documented information in corruption cases, according to the reports.

In its updated strategy last year, the IACC said it gave importance to proactive prevention in combating and preventing corruption, and also passed recommendations to various government sectors on adherence to integrity standards.

Last year, Jorda
n ranked 4th in the Arab world and 61st internationally on the top global anti-corruption index, it said.

Source: Jordan News Agency