Integrity Commission arrests an oil warehouse guard in Diyala who caused damage worth 800 million dinars

The Federal Integrity Commission announced the arrest of the guard of an oil warehouse in Diyala Governorate, according to a judicial warrant, which caused damage to public money amounting to about (800) million dinars.

It stated in a statement: The Commission’s investigation office in Diyala province received information indicating that the quantities of oil derivatives had been tampered with in an oil depot in the province.

It added: The team of the Investigation and Control Division in the office took the initiative to move to the Diyala oil depot, carry out investigation work on information and investigate its validity, and conduct audit, conformity and examination of the gas oil product prepared for citizens, confirming that the team monitored the occurrence of pollution at a rate of (0 to 5%), i.e. more than (5) Millions of liters of product caused by manipulation of quantities; in order to avoid its deficiency.

It indicated: obtaining a judicial note against the warehouse keeper, and after an arbitrary ambush was set up for him, he was caught red-handed by tampering with the quantities of oil derivatives in the warehouse, pointing out that the amount of damage to public money is estimated at (786,650,000) dinars.

It continued: The Investigation and Control Division in the office organized a fundamentalist report in order to present him, along with the accused and the exhibits, to the judge of the Investigation Court, which has jurisdiction over integrity issues in Baquba; to complete the legal procedures and decide the fate of the accused.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency