Israeli settlers set up an illegal outpost in the occupied Jordan Valley

Israeli settlers set up a new colonial outpost on the lands of al-Baqai’a Plain in the northern Jordan Valley, which is usually a prelude to building a new illegal settlement, today said a local official. Motaz Bisharat, an official in the Tubas Governorate, said a group of Israeli settlers set up an animal barn and brought cows to create a new fact on the ground and yesterday they set up three more shacks turning the spot into a settlement outpost. He said the total area of the lands that the outpost is expected to seize is estimated at nearly 1,800 dunums. The settlers, who set up this outpost, carried out attacks on the shepherds and chased them two days ago, injuring one in the head after hitting him with sticks, said Bisharat. The settlers established more than five new illegal settlement outposts in the northern Jordan Valley in less than 10 years, which is a way to take over agricultural land and ban Palestinians from using it.

Source: Palestine News & Information Agency