Jordan’s security, stability “Red Line”: Lower House Foreign Affairs Committee

Amman: The Lower House Foreign Affairs Committee affirmed that the unity and stability of Jordan’s security are a red line for any external interference or agendas.

In a statement issued on Monday evening, the Committee President, MP Khaldoun Heina, called on local political forces to prioritize Jordan’s interests above all else by confronting and blocking any attempts to tamper with the country’s security and stability.

The Committee stressed that Jordan’s strength and security are a strength for the Arab and Islamic nations, especially Palestine and the Palestinian people.

The statement referred to the government’s political, humanitarian, and relief efforts, which came under royal directives and are based on national constants. These efforts are fully consistent with Jordan’s historical and Islamic legacy towards the Arab nation and its just causes, with the Palestinian cause at the forefront.

The Committee rejected any attempts carried out by a small, infiltrated group that seeks to sabotage and under
mine national unity in Jordan, which is considered a model of brotherhood and solidarity between the Jordanian and Palestinian peoples.

Source: Jordan News Agency