Ministry of Education, Higher Education to QNA: Arab Reading Challenge Win Reflects Development of Qatar’s Education System

Doha, Dr. Abdullah Al Marri, who is the director of the curricula and educational resources department at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, affirmed that the crowning of student Abdullah Mohammed Abdullah Al Bari from Omar Bin Al Khattab Preparatory School for Boys with as champion of the Arab reading challenge, at the conclusion of the competition held in Dubai in the UAE represented a significant advancement in the educational system in Qatar. This success represents an extension of the series of achievements the country has attained in various fields.

Al Marri, in a statement to the Qatari News Agency , said that Al Bari deserves this win due to his diligence, determination, and perseverance for success. He consistently and rightfully secured top and advanced positions.

Meanwhile, Hassan Abdullah Al Maraghi, who is the director of Omar Bin Al Khattab Preparatory School for Boys, regarded Al Bari’s victory as a collective success and a source of pride and esteem for everyone, including the student’s family, school, teachers, and the entire educational system in Qatar.

Al Maraghi, in a similar statement to QNA, acknowledged the Arab reading challenge competition and its organizers. He also praised the Ministry of Education and Higher Education for their significant role in preparing and encouraging students, as well as providing all forms of support for their participation in both local and international competitions.

Al Bari expressed his happiness in a statement to QNA about his achievement and being crowned champion makes him feel proud, especially given there were 24 million participants. He expressed his hope that this was a prelude to further success in his academic and personal life.

The competition aims to enhance the importance of reading among participating students on an Arab and global level, establishing academic and intellectual achievement as a daily culture in their lives. It also aims to instill a love for knowledge, reading, and learning in the new generations, equipping them with the necessary knowledge to contribute to building a better future, refining their abilities and personalities. Additionally, it aims to build the ethical system of the youth by exposing them to the values, customs, and beliefs of other cultures, thus reinforcing principles of tolerance, coexistence, acceptance of others, promoting dialogue, and fostering cultural and humanitarian openness.

Source: Qatar News Agency