Official in Guidance Ministry :Saudi regime continues to impose obstacles on Yemeni pilgrims

An official source at the Guidance Ministry , Hajj and Umrah Affairs confirmed that the Saudi regime continues to impose obstacles to pilgrims from the Yemeni people.

The official explained in a statement to the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) that the Saudi regime changed the air transportation plan for Yemeni pilgrims at the last moments by reducing the number of agreed-upon flights to the Republic of Yemen, which are not sufficient to transport the registered pilgrims, who number approximately 12,400 pilgrims, in parallel with not Issuing visas for pilgrims traveling by air and delaying the issuance of permits for Hajj trips until now.

The source considered these obstructive measures a clear intention to prevent people from entering the Sacred House of God and politicize the Hajj ritual within the framework of the aggression and siege against the Yemeni people.

He referred to the efforts made by the Ministry of Guidance, Hajj and Umrah Affairs and the relevant concerned authorities in overcoming difficulties
and removing obstacles, stressing that the Saudi regime uses this obligation as a pressure card on the Yemeni people, using its mercenary tools.

The source called on the Saudi regime to stop politicizing the Hajj ritual and not to hinder the pilgrims of the Holy House of God, to implement what was agreed upon in advance, and to lift restrictions on the international ports of entry to the Republic of Yemen to facilitate the arrival of the Guests of God in accordance with the procedures regulating that.

Source: Yemen News Agency