Palestinian Health Ministry: 5,182 killed in ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza, West Bank

The death toll from the ongoing Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, which began on October 7, has risen to 5,182, including 5,087 in the Gaza Strip where 15,273 were injured, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry. It said in a statement that 95 Palestinians were killed by the Israeli occupation army in the West Bank after two men, Mahmoud Nakhleh and Muhammad Alayan, were shot and killed today in Jalazoun refugee camp, north of Ramallah, and a total of 1,828 people were wounded by army fire. The Ministry said that 70 percent of those killed were children, women and the elderly, including 1,903 children, 1,024 women and 187 old people.

Source: Jordan News Agency