Planning Minister, EU Ambassador chair Jordan-EU Investment Platform meeting, 1st, final add

Toukan referred to the economic reforms taken by Jordan in investment and improving the business environment aimed at providing a favorable environment for local and foreign investment.

She also emphasized the importance of reaching out more to the private sector for its key role in the growth process and job creation, especially investment grants, soft loans, and loan guarantees, in order to advance private sector investments and public-private partnership projects, and attract more European investments to the Kingdom.

During the meeting, the progress of the executive program of the Economic Modernization Vision for the years 2023-2025 was presented.

For their part, representatives of the European Commission presented information under the Investment and Economic Plan with South-South countries, including Jordan, which aims to support priority projects in the sectors of agro-industry and food security, energy, digitization, water and education, as well as its initiatives to promote sustainable investments
such as the EU Global Investment Portal and its financing arm, the European Fund for Sustainable Development, which brings together the EU, member states and European development finance institutions to mobilize public and private investments to bridge the global investment gap.

Within the framework of national priority projects, partnership projects in a number of sectors were presented, in addition to a set of capital projects in the water, transportation, energy, health, and education sectors by the participating government entities, with the aim of mobilizing the necessary funding for their implementation.

For his part, Ambassador Chatzisavas said that in addition to providing a portfolio of grants and soft loans, the European Union has mobilized significant resources in the form of investment grants and guarantees to stimulate public investment projects and public-private partnership projects, which will be a catalyst to unlock Jordan’s enormous potential and contribute to achieving its vision of econo
mic modernization, stressing that it will continue to support Jordan in its development efforts.

Source: Jordan News Agency