Pleasant conditions on Thursday, warmer weekend ahead

Amman: Today’s weather is expected to be pleasant across most regions of Jordan, with relatively hot conditions in the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and Aqaba. Some low-altitude clouds are anticipated, and northwesterly moderate winds will prevail, occasionally becoming active.

According to a report from the Jordan Meteorological Department, a significant rise in temperatures is forecast for Friday. The weather will be warm in most regions, transitioning to relatively hot to hot conditions in the Badia, Jordan Valley, Dead Sea, and Aqaba. Winds will be moderate and northeasterly.

Saturday will see a slight further increase in temperatures. The weather will be warm over the mountainous areas and relatively hot to hot in other regions, with medium to high-altitude clouds appearing intermittently. Northwesterly moderate winds will continue, occasionally becoming active.

On Sunday, the weather will remain warm over the highlands and relatively hot to hot in other areas, with medium to high-altitude clouds. Nort
hwesterly moderate winds will persist, occasionally becoming active.

The projected temperatures for today in Jordan are as follows: East Amman will experience a range from 26 C to 14 C, while West Amman will see temperatures between 24 C and 12 C. In the Northern Highlands, temperatures will vary from 21 C to 10 C, and the Sharah Highlands will have a range from 22 C to 9 C. The Dead Sea is expected to reach between 34 C and 20 C, and Aqaba will see temperatures from 34 C to 21 C.

Source: Jordan News Agency